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In ISB on February 15, 2006 at 11:55 am

The not-shortlisted emails seem to be making a beeline for my inbox these days! They were all expected in a way, some more than others, considering the immense interest that the batch has in those particular jobsshown by the fact that they are all Day 1 companies. A couple of them were more disappointing than others though. My CAS page shows the unholy not shortlists to be leading the shortlists, 6-3. Itd be an overstatement to say that each one is a body blow, but, they do feel like banging your knee against furnituretoo many of thoseand youve got a broken foot/ankle/kneetake your pick.

My sunny disposition can also be partly attributed to yet making a shortlist but not going all the way. Can honestly say, I didn’t quite want to, but when fly-by-night IT companies decide not to interview you, you start to wonder. The VP Strategic solutions decided to shortlist a whole bunch of people and then subject us to group discussions to then pick the final few to be interviewed. The gd itself, my first, was a handy experience, made me mindful that the group youre in has a huge impact on your chances.

The real deal starts in 2 days (1 day for the Mck, BCG, ATK aspirants) and the feeling of being grossly unprepared is making its presence felt (anyone whos read previous posts is not allowed to comment J). Whats that they say about those who get going when the going gets tough? no…its not from an ad for a laxative

Note to self: Keep the faiththink positive thoughtsget beer J

  1. What ra?Your feature presentation doesn’t play.Good luck with your placements.Oh and I have never read any of your earlier posts before.

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