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In ISB on February 12, 2006 at 6:37 pm

I dont know what the big deal is…I really dontthis placements business I mean. Everywhere, there are people scurrying from one meeting to another preparing for their interviews like their lives depended on it. Then theres mewatching my 3rd movie since term ended on Friday and got done with most assignments. Take today for examplespent the first half watching Australia pummel a hapless Lanka, something like what a heavyweight champion would do to a welter-weightwhos been hogtiedand yeah, the champs just been told that the lil fellas been making merry with the champs wife when hes away turning peoples faces into pulp with his fists. ouch! than made a pretence of working on a couple of applications that are due tomorrowthen there was musica napsurfingTV…all the good stuff.

The fact that I’m still wondering if theres a correlation between the amount of prep and the quality of shortlists/interviews/jobs, that pretty much explains why there are people wholl land the plum jobs and they aint me J With less than a week to go before the first interviews begin, a barrage of shortlisted/not-shortlisted emails is expected to hit mailboxes starting tomorrow. For all this bluster about being all chilled out, am myself kinda curious to see how I react once I’m aware that I have an interview slated for so-and-so date and time where I’ll be asked to convince some absolute strangers in the span of an hour or so why I’m their biggest find of the season. Will I overheat and explode at the first sign of stress or will I be able to stay composed and represent myself with some justiceonly the next few days will tell. Oh boyand how J (in case you noticed, am discounting the possibility of not being shortlisted at allif you haven’t already figuredam an optimist 😉

  1. I guess the big deal, is that most people want to make the best of what they can while they are on campus.Its like taking advantage of the advantage.Its awesome that you can keep your cool, and yes optimism might be a good virtue.Glad you don’t think this isn’t the end of the world.It isn’t.But that should not be a reaon for anyone to slacken in their effort.Doubt you would want to be in a position tomorrow wondering whether things would have been different if only you had..So do what you have to do, which might mean making some kick ass prepration and then..leave the rest..The rest is not in your hands anyway.

  2. Mr anon,Dont get duped by his alias-‘Donthaveaclue’..:)It is probably a game hez playing on himself to take himself that extra-bit further!Anoop,I am sure u’ll crack any nut. And isnt keeping your cool a part of the ‘prep’..;)-Good Samaritan

  3. hey…am in no way saying that the preps are inconsequential. in fact, have the utmost admiration for the focus that i see around me. hence the line in the post about the plum jobs 🙂

  4. Dude..that prep isn’t just for the others to do and for you to admire.Good Samaritan,What is it with you?Lady anon/Mr anon?What do you think I am?

  5. Aila…just went by how you sounded..Hope you havent taken offense…frenz?-Good Samaritan

  6. “Aila”..LOL are you sure you are the president of I, the donkey Brigade, one who talks of amalgamation of lexis???Who do you want to be “frendz” with Mr/Lady Anon?

  7. oye…u have a mtchmaking thingy here on ur blog ..:D…Mr./Lady anon and good samaritan…happy valentine’s to both of u…!! :)vaise…u better prep well now..this is important…my lease expires next month..- me –

  8. Mr/Lady Anon:Thats cuz am also a member of “Hata Sawan ki Ghata” Mandali!umm.. that’d depend on who you really are…-me-:Happy Val day to u too…:)-Good Samaritan

  9. @Good Samaritan:umm.. that’d depend on who you really are…Please explain..Fancy taking this discussion out of Don’thaveaclue’s blog??

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