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term 7 ends

In ISB on February 11, 2006 at 5:54 am

Yup, were into the last term break of our time here. Before lapsing into clichés about time and its inevitability, there is the small matter of placements on the minds of everyone right now. A week to go before companies are on campus, hunting (or scavenging) depending on what part of the food chain they emanate from. 7 has been the most standout term so far here, not necessarily in good ways. The interest in academics was almost non-existent which was quite a departure for many people around as most crammed their time with focus group meetings; some for the majors (fin, marketing et al) and others, slightly more minor…‘how to sit across from the interview with your jaw lined up just right for max impact. Maybe I exaggerate a lil J Slogged away on two yesterday and now left with just one more liability for the term (read assignment). Its kinda funny to imagine that very few people around campus have any idea where theyll be just a couple of months from now. That reminds me I really shouldnt be wasting time on posting inane details of my liferather attend focus grp meeting dedicated to modulate your voice just right to get that james earl jones baritone. Or maybe I’ll just go watch a movie (rang de basanti to be precise)


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