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I’m so ‘tier’ed…

In ISB on February 3, 2006 at 7:01 pm

May you live in interesting times ancient Chinese curse

Oft-quoted, but never has it been as true as it is in the times at the ISB these days. Placement fever gripped campus at the start of term 7, but it touched new heights in the last few days with a zillion job postings downloading themselves into every mailbox from the optimistically named email id. If the urgency with which people open those emails followed by visiting the websites of the respective companies is anything to go by, the webmasters of these companies must surely be paid overtime come placement season in b-schools because of the spike in http requests to their servers. Ok, I gotta admit, I just used up all the tech jargon I have. Today was even more special though, the results came outyeah, those of the tiering process. Seems like only yesterday that the campus was abuzz when the results of the bidding in the first elective term came outhell! It was yesterday! The list of companies, from days, 1 to 8 was announced. While most of them were the usual suspects (read consulting), there were some that raised eyebrows with their favorable position in the pecking order (Infy on day 2?!!). The reason it’s a big deal is simple, if companies A, B and C are my preference in descending order and if the order that theyre coming to campus is in fact C, B and A, then I’m the unenviable position of having to choose between (1) be braverefuse C or B counting on A making me an offer. Downside, I end up with none of the three or (2) play it safeaccept one of C and B at which point I’m out of the process and resigned to my fate (well not quite that dramatic maybe). Of course, considering that most people have more than just the three companies on their list, the permutations are endless.

To use one quote is weak writing, but to use two is plain sacrilege, but one would agree, as would the queen (or was it the duchess) and the tin manwith the way most ppl on campus feel right now

Hold on Dorothycoz..Kansasis going bye bye! in The Matrix


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