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In Uncategorized on January 31, 2006 at 1:57 pm

Software Engineer living in Thailand. kidnapped one fine day to find himself a prisoner in an anonymous room. Here, he spendsget thisfourteen years before being released! Without blowing the entire storyline, the movie then is about his attempt to answer Why and Who. This was Zinda. This aint a review of the movie, plenty of better qualified links for that. For me, the sequence in the movie after hes released was it! Emerging out of a trunk, Bala (Dutt), finds himself standing on the roof of one of hundreds of skyscrapers around. He spends the next few minutes walking around the streets of Bangkok trying to orient himself. But its a world that’s long passed him by. He looks for landmarks he might recognize but only sees an alien land. He knows noonenoone knows him, remembers him. The background score now plays ye hai meri kahani. The words of the songstringsthe situationthe combination is chilling. The feeling of isolation is complete. All-encompassing. Cant be just me. Koi nahihai koi bhi nahina paasna duurek yaar haidil ki dhadkanCliched? maybebut the words lingerfunnyonly other song to have ever had that effect on me is also by the same bandjaane do

p.s: the title of the post…not mine…a u2 song…guess?

the photograph…mine…taken from my trusty rebel 2000

  1. u liked it ????? eyow! even after watching the last 20 mins?

  2. they were kinda weak…but my reason for goin’ for the movie was long done…the song

  3. achha…b t w…i posted! 😛

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