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In ISB on January 29, 2006 at 9:19 am

Ever felt like there was a steam-powered locomotive thundering along at top speed inside your head?!
Well, I haven’t either, but yeah, do have a headache that’s bad enough that I’m wincing as i look at my bright laptop screen right now. Yup…had a party on campus last night…about time too! The idea was to lighten the ‘placement’-ridden atmosphere. The turnout wasn’t too bad…and as usual…our gang (well most of it…) was there till the last song was played. Of course…that also means a steady supply of a certain kind of beverage to keep us going. And considering my method of getting drinks is to walk to the bar (manned by huggy and hebs) and say…”use your imagination…”..meant that I ingested everything every kind of poison that they had. Was fun though…except the waking up part for the Accenture ppt.

For those who came in late…there is a code of conduct for the preplacement talks lest we behave as barbarians and roast and gorge on the HR personnel of different companies (don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed our minds in certain cases). So, when the party flyers (read emails) went out…there was a revised version of the same that went…
Please be guided with the message/invitation below – attendance is mandatory.
Do observe the following:
1. Please be present at the venue 5 minutes before the start of the party.
2. DO NOT bring laptops.
3. Do not walk out before the party ends.
4. If you are not interested in drinking, smoking and dancing, please refrain from discouraging others J.
5. There could be some delay in the start/end of the party. Please come prepared for this and schedule your other appointments accordingly.
6. Attendance will be marked at the beginning and at the end.
Please do not send mails regarding swaps, there is no scope for swapping here

Pretty neat huh…J
In other news…first over of the Karachi test match…
and I was there!! (well, atleast in spirit and in front of the tube)…when
4th ball…pitched on a full length…swung away…outside edge (left-handed Salman Butt)…Dravid at 1st slip
5th ball…pitched even fuller…swung in…rapped Younis Khan on the pad…leg before wicket
6th ball…pitched on a good length…swung in AND seamed in!…through bat-pad (Mohammed Yousuf)…bowled!
I was there!…when Irfan Pathan, became the first Indian new-ball bowler (Bhajji took the other) to take a hattrick in a test match!
Later in the day (posted at 5.30pm)…
Pakistan bowled out for 245 and India lose 2 quick wickets to be 19/2 and i find out something about myself.
Sachin facing…Shoaib hits him hard on the side of the helmet with a lethal quick bouncer. That was over 15 mins ago and my pulse rate is only now returning to normal. Its sport, its only natural and i’m rational, even about cricket…can take a loss as much as a win. But watching super slow mos of the ball thudding into the side of that helmet…watching that head snap back from impact…set off a timed detonation somewhere deep inside me. Would be an understatement to say, that one delivery had me smoldering with rage. Took me a while to realise that i had my jaw clenched…and my brow furrowed as i watched the screen with what must’ve been a murderous expression. in fact thats the realization that had me add this to the post.
funny how i reacted…inspite of knowing thats what protective gear is for. funny indeed…

  1. You have a few fans of your own.They have just been very very scared of your smoldering rage (murderous expression-jaw clenched and brow furrowed) to come out in the open.

  2. ooh….i’m guessing here’s a replacement! 😉 u know wht i mean!

  3. I hear the ppt season is drawing to closure! Good Luck! Come back with some bright news best wishes with you…-Good Smaritan

  4. educated…: rages are more an aberration with me..hence the special mention in a posthaywire: smarta$$!anon: thanks samaritan!…hopin’ for the best. i find the use of the words ‘come back’ interesting… just out of curiosity where wud ‘back’ be? 😉

  5. You are attempting to read between the lines on a blank sheet of paper…:)By come back I meant the simplest and the obvious — your blog. Now what is undoubtedly interesting is – “rages are more an aberration with me”… Again, don’t get me wrong-just referring to the brilliant “Amalgamation of lexis”…;)-Good Samaritan

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