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In ISB on January 27, 2006 at 3:51 pm

Had the Branding Midterm today.closed book affair. Experience has taught me that the open book kind is about as safe as stuffing deep fried spicy chicken wings deep into your pant pockets and diving into a piranha-infested pool. Either there is never enough time to actually open the book and look for answers or the questions and the text book content look so far apart that you wonder if you brought the wrong textbook. Anyway, the test was kinda cool, with 5 questions of the what advice would you give this company and why? variety.

Then there was the Advertising quiz. Knowing the prof from Consumer Behaviour class in Term 5, I was keen to see what he would come up with this time. Sure enough, apart from the usual multiple-choice questions, there was a bonus question that asked us to set a question and give five plausible answers including the correct answer. Then there was the yawnfest ITBS class where I had trouble staying awake inspite of my networked laptop. Think I’m still only recovering from that.

Whole bunch of job postings appeared on the CAS site today, some, more relevant than others. Still clueless about what is it that I really want to do. Wish there was some way where I could sample different roles like we do in the first couple of days of the elective terms. I could then be brand manager for an FMCG company for about a week followed by marketing manager for an electronics company and hell, maybe even HR consultant. And if none of them made sense, then I could go back to the IT’…that phrase almost sounds like a curse. But, to be fair, there are plenty of options there tooBusiness Development, IT consulting, marketing and salesthe list goes on.

Damn! Just read through my post and realized there isnt a single wisecrackits almost like one of those informative blogs! So am gonna quit while I’m ahead


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