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The Best Ad ever!!!

In Uncategorized on January 25, 2006 at 11:15 am

Something brought tears to my eyes todaynothis is not my feeble attempt at conveying my metrosexuality ppl who know me wud be going ya right! just abt now J woh to khushi ke aasoon the!

This was a commercial we saw in Advertising Class that I even copied from the prof later. In fact am gonna narrate the complete storyboard:

Scene opens with a crowd quietly standing in front of a huge television screen

All kinds of people in the crowd, a few with the dabs of paint on their faces depicting the Indian tricolor. The camera pans across as theyre anxiously looking at the screen. A little girl, oblivious to the tension in the air, chomps away on a bar of chocolate.

Theres a background score playingslow, quiet, male voicehumko ye kisne chua hai

A living room: overflowing with people staring at the television.

Backgroundjadoo sa ye kya hua hai…”

A bus stop: a kid in a bottlegreen school uniformbites into a bar of chocolatethen shadow-practices a straight driveshakes his head in disgustthen does it againbetter this timeid know 😉..then nods in self-approval.

Backgroundkhel ka rangchaane laga hai…”

A couple in their living room: the guy is lost in concentration watching the of chocolate in one handas his girlfriend slips the contents out of the wrapper and takes a bite.

Backgrounddil ki dhadkanbadhaane laga hai…”

A barber salon: tv in the corner showing the gamethis guy in the chair with u guessed itchocolate bar in hand watching intently. the barber, in true desi style..twists this dudes head to one sidethe guy keeps turning his head towards the television who the hell gets a haircut when ST is batting?!

Backgroundandaaz badle hue hain…”

Local convenience store: typical middle-aged owner listening to radio. Kid asks for a chocolate when apparently a boundary is struck. The owner signals fourlooks like hes saying Its free”…kid grins and leaves

Backgroundchaaron taraf mastiyaan hain…”

More scenes in living roomspeople watching nervouslythen exploding into celebrationhugs and high-fives all around.

Backgroundchorus..increasing in crescendo..humko ye kisne chua haiiiiii

Final sceneas everyone in the room celebratesthis guy is kneeling at the tv screenas if to feed the batsman his chocolate bar pun intended!

Finallythe well recognized glasses of milk pouring to give Cadburys Dairy Milk Chocolate. Background…”Cadburys Dairy Milkmazaa aa gaya

Damn right mazaa aa gaya! Now, the reason it struck a chordthis commercial was aired during the 2003 world cupand I can almost smell the coffee we used to brew at 4am (central time) in the morning to watch indias games. I was to leave on vacation to India the next day and India was chasing an improbable 275 to stay alive in the tournament.

After a quiet first over from Akram, Shoaib to bowl the second to Sachin

Ball 1: shortwidequick! ST stretches and goes at it with everythingball takes the top edge(they say its medically impossiblebut am pretty sure my heart stopped at that instant)but the ball soars over thirdman into the crowdfirst ball and SIX!

Ball 2: straightFAST!defended

Ball 3: good length…outside off. ST punches of the backfoot..through the coversfour.

Ball 4: just outside offleft alone to the wicketkeeper

Ball 5: fast, overpitched and on the padsdont bowl there!:)clipped sublimely for four in front of square. (by this time the 7 of us in the room are bowing in reverence, arms outstretched, palms facing down…am not kidding!)

Ball 6: good length..straight. ST stands tall and plays defensively. Except that the ball races to the long on fence. Noones supposed to be able to do that!


18 runs off the over. Sir Donald Bradman who?! J end of the over, the ad I just described in graphic detail appearsnow you know why the tears J

Cant help but recall the last line of a print ad I’d seen in an Adidas showroom some 6 years ago

When Sachin batsall elseis irrelevant

Amen to that!

On an unrelated note, all kinds of job postings appearing on the intranetthe latest one as I was writing this post?… whod have figured J

  1. It is medically possible,..funnily enough its called stunning.

  2. wud’ve been more than ‘stunned’ had that ball landed in the thirdman fielder’s hand

  3. oye…u know what..i actually read thru the entire post!!!…damn!

  4. Had that happened you would have been dead beat..and I doubt that is a medical term.

  5. your best post ever! 😉

  6. Still going thru the series of blogs you have ..but happens to be one of the best….

  7. Can anyone send me the song sung in the ad, its sung by Sudesh Wadekar.. male lata mangeshkar…

  8. I wanna download the video of the ad.., its my favourite too !!!!! Give us the link

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