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thats not in the script

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2006 at 6:42 pm

Its going to be 24th Jan 2006 in a lil over 20 minutes. There wasnt anything significant about that date up until 10 months ago. Not quite so nowtill about 5 months ago, if I had to anticipate how tonight would be, I’d sayin one wordFUN! Being a weekday with classes in the morning, am guessing thered be a gathering of a select bunch... at your place right about now. Thered be general leg-pulling and then the customary dunking in the pool. I think itd be safe to say that youd be dunked four-five times for good measure accompanied by several others who, many of who wouldnt have bargained on getting wet. This would be followed by some messy cake-cutting and picture-taking. Considering your new-found appreciation of the finer grape juices, there might even have been a bottle of champagne to pop open. Most of tomorrow would be spent with me ribbing you about how its all downhill after a particular age and thoroughly enjoying the look on your face every time I said it.

Doesn’t seem like a long while ago when you were making wide-eyed plans to have me wear white linen pants to my dunking. 12 months ago, would not have had any inkling about the kind of friends I’d make herewould certainly not have counted on finding as good a friend as younot in this take-no-prisoners environment. 5 months ago, would not by any stretch of the imagination, imagined that I’d be sitting hunched over the keyboardwith my head in my handson this dateat this time

You don’t even realize when some people become part of your critical support system and as if on cuethey arent aroundas if to drive home the point. I guess its taken me this year to figure out that things just do not have to go according to scriptthat there is in factno script. Many Happy Returns of the Day Nmay God bless you

  1. i know…and another word would only hurt..but!

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