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In ISB on January 22, 2006 at 7:34 am

Trust googles technology to do the the unexpected! In keeping with my last post about how I (over)slept all through Friday night into Saturday morning, adsensegoogles intelligent web-advertising algorithm that is supposed to display advertising that is relevant to the content of the webpage its onshows Hypnosis for Better Sleep and Great Night Sleep Remedy on my blog. Very perceptive I must say, considering my rant was about how I slept way more than I’d intended to!

In other news, yesterdays ppt by Agilent Tech created quite a buzz around campus with their astronomical offers, albeit for fairly senior level positions. More companies hiring for senior-management positions, that’s what would go a long way in establishing the ISB brand as a top global school.

Got my profiling done by Thomas assessment yesterday…essentially a questionnaire followed by a detailed report about the kind of person I am, in 3 situations: my usual self, at work and under pressure. They use the DISC profile ( Was surprised to see no expletives in my report J it did say some funny stuff though about me being friendly? Logical? Systematic? Positive? Anyway, it didnt say what I was counting onthat i was not a good fit in any managerial role and should focus my energies into becoming the son-in-law of a rich man with an only daughter J sigh…

Now…ghirti deewaron keaanchal mezinda hoon…”

  1. dude, just saw your post about infy recruiting at isb. what kind of positions and salary range are they interviewing for?

  2. Being friendly is one thing and maintaining friendships is another.Same with all the other attributes.DISC profiles may not necessarily come with funny things.

  3. anon 1: infy is looking for a whole bunch of positions including associate, consultant, team lead and for the different verticals. they mentioned some sal ranges, but i wudnt wanna post them since they’re not engraved in stone

  4. anon 2: profound…but i didnt quite get if you’re in favour or against the DISC

  5. What I was trying to say is that it would be erroneous to mix the 2 concepts and then find any profiling funny.

  6. i wudnt disagree with that. in fact i wudn’t have been surprised if it’d said i was good at the second thing..but the first (abt being friendly) does not make sense

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