From smack-bang in the middle of the bell curve


In ISB on January 21, 2006 at 5:32 am

my eyes open graduallyGROAN!(loudly) and close them immediately because of the blinding light in the roomtakes a minute to sink in that its maybe just daylight coming in through the windowopen them againthe ceiling reluctantly swims into focusstrangeI feel disheveledno wonderam still dressed in what I’d worn to class i try and remember where I amthe last thing I recall is collapsing into bed for a half-hour nap at 11.15pm with great effort I crane my neck to see the digital face of my bedside clockits 9am! What the ####?! i was out for almost 10 hours! missed my focus group meetingsee missed calls to that effect toowhats worse…dont feel like getting out of bed even after that sinful orgy of sleep i just participated in!…cant believe a sore throat and a touch of fever did that! feel like crap…now to get my bearings and start the day

  1. Oye hope you are feeling better already..Get well soon.Cheers!

  2. oye..;)..fever kya? take care u..and dont miss focus grp meetings ok..

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