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In ISB on January 19, 2006 at 10:38 pm

Recently, I did something I hadn’t done in a long time…even though its something I’ve always claimed to enjoy. No…I’m not referring to a four-letter word followed by ‘off’.
I read Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Blink’. The choice of title was essentially driven by the fact that this was the least intimidating to look at in the store with a simple white softcover edition with the title printed in blue. Not a bad choice after all…it’s about how snap judgments are not necessarily a bad thing. He reasons that the human mind is capable of processing a huge amount of information and yield accurate assessments of people and situations in remarkably short intervals of time (hence the title), when unfettered by prejudices formed from prior experience. A good light read.

Apart from my ‘intellectual pursuits’, there’ve been the usual battery of ppts to attend everyday in addition to the myriad assignments I’ve had to submit this week. Courtesy those, I managed to oversleep today and miss the Branding session, that too, after having read the case for discussion! Had a 2 hour session with DiamondCluster today, was given by CEO and the head of the soon-to-be-launched India operations. Its amazing how much more impactful a presentation and pitch is, when the presenters have a sense of humour, unlike the presentation by a certain petroleum company from the land that invented my favourite sport. Slick job all-in-all, certainly piqued the interest of the 100 odd people at the session.

Now to get back to reading about possible strategies in China of the 80s, for cosmetic companies with exotic names, tomorrow’s Branding discussion…thought I was done for the week but was informed otherwise 😦


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