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In ISB on January 16, 2006 at 8:21 pm

You tell us where you want to be and well decide where we want to put youa reassuring comment(?) by the HR manager. Yes, it was the turn of Indias 3rd largest (or is it 2nd?) largest IT services firm Infosys and my ex-employer to strut its stuff in the preplacement talk. Infy had leveraged its biggest assetthe truckloads of ppl it has J in sending 4 top managers to field questions from the bright-and-eager ISB batch of 06. Going by the attendance, there seems to be enough interest to fill their 28 (believe it or not!) available roles.

In other (insignificant) news, had an advertising class watching different car commercials and critiquing them, my kind of class this J. The prof made an observationsayingwe tend to associate things that we see together, as having a connectionand as example saying how, from watching a guy and a girl together on campusppl would draw the conclusion that they’re a coupletell me abt it! J Data Mining was the usual k-means nearest neighbourno, its not a cryptic admission of my feelings for someone who goes by K…it’s a method to predict an outcome given certain attributes.

Tomorrows kinda big on the ppt calendar with IBM, Microsoft and E&Y scheduled. Have 3 cases to read and its 1.20amdamn! who said time only flies when youre having fun!

p.s: the title of this post is a work of fiction and any resemblance to the slogan of any company, living, dead or otherwise, is purely coincidental J

  1. “Powered by Intellect.. driven by Crazy”–Its lesser by one for sure!

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