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T7 week 1

In ISB on January 13, 2006 at 2:34 pm

End of the first week of T7 and there is a subdued air about the school. The usual banter about group assignments and submissions is conspicuous by its absence. In fact, there is a sombre look to the campus, with resumes and placements on everyone’s mind (the fact that they’ve been on this blog so many times now should speak volumes 🙂 …and to think that placements are over a month away!
Quick roundup of my subjects…Advertising is as expected fun with the interpretation of ads and different promotional techniques being discussed. One assignment is to, get this…watch 30 mins of the India-Pak cricket series and analyze the different ads that are shown…thats gonna be so much hard work 🙂
Branding is fun too…with short cases for discussion..have always liked the subject anyway. Had some misgivings about ITBS (IT and Business Strategy) after my experience with MGIT in T5 but who wouldn’t like a subject where the prof says “This question for extra credit…” and then writes on the board…”how can i one get a beer on this campus after 10pm?” 🙂 Last…and least…BDIM (Business Intelligence using Data Mining)..seems an advanced course on excel and statistical tools. Having heard most terms in the Marketing Research course helps.
Now to take off for the usual pre-placement talks…Its Cognizant Technology Services followed by Boston Consulting (i know what you’re thinking…but they’re serving high tea after that 🙂

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