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brakes?!! where are the brakes?!

In ISB on January 12, 2006 at 5:20 am

Term 7, for all practical purposes, starts today. My association with a Fin subject lasted all of one class (that I missed by the way because of the EDS thing). Dropped the business valuation course and took BIDM (Business Intelligence and Data Mining) instead. Submitted an assignment for it already, so am well and truly in. my subjects therefore are: Advertising, IT and Business Strategy, BIDM and Branding.

Preplacement talksassignmentsresume buildinginterview prepthe last 2 only exist on the POA thus far.

Feels like Im hurtling along on an interstate at 3am with no lights..peering into the distance trying to figure out if that shortlived glint 300 yards ahead and closing fast were the eyes of a deer scurrying past or the back of a stranded 18-wheeler. The tarmac is pitch black toomaybe it rained a while agodoesnt explain the absence of the reassuring dashed white lane markings though. No exit signsno billboards offering choices of greasy, unwholesome, yet oh-so-good cheesburgers. Just have my eyes riveted on the bleak expanse of nothing as it flashes by...trying to make some sense out of apocryphal questions: where am i goingwhere do I want to gowhy cant I see a damn thing. Is it going to be light soon?

  1. Of course… will see the light..hang in there…

  2. The feeling isn’t alien! Remember your first day @College,@ Infy,@ISB?.. The difference is only in your speed- which is also the reason why you can’t see even the white lane markings! Be Strong! Be the Russell Crowe of Gladiator n the Bruce Willis of Unbreakable! Be the MAN!You’ll be fine. You know that. During moments of doubt, just glance back!

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