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In ISB on January 10, 2006 at 3:13 pm

screamsCrunch!!!…Splinter sounds of a horrific car crashor maybe my first tryst with placements at ISB! J actually wasnt that bad. It was Monday morning 11.15amfirst day of term 7 and I, like any dutiful student..was in my first class of the day…Advertising, listening to the prof talk about SBIs slogan and why it indicates a lack of confidenceand my phone lights up (its always on silent in smug abt it too). Sms from S…”Congrats and best of luck. I reply asking what the hell for?. A couple more cryptic/nonsensical messages later am told was shortlisted for EDS. My response? was everyone who applied. Shortlisted? honestwith the mention of the dreaded 4 letter wordyou guessed itCGPAhad not looked at the application exercise as anything more than a means to get my resume on track.

But now what? Had to report for the ppt at 3pm. Cud start by going to the company website to see what they’re about J spent the next couple of hours hunting for my tiesgetting my suit ironedand trying to memorize what EDS was an abbreviation for. 29 shortlistedppt was delayed by 2 hours by which time theyd decided to expand the shortlist to some 60 odd, apparently, more roles had been added at the last moment. 45min talk by their VP…’Max following which we had to give 5 min schpiels about number was 32. did the fastest math of my life32 X 5 = 160 means a couple of hours easy for my turn right? Wrong!. Spent the next hour or so in the lrc thinking abt what I’d say and went back to ac2 to find it was now #37 and that now I’d have to wait till the end! What the ****! Turned out many others had followed the same mathematical model as I had and spent the next hour and half twiddling thumbs till the panel decided to break for dinner. In the break they announce a short-list of 15 out of the 30 odd whod presented. Thought..great! 50% gives me a fair chanceam first up after dinner. Finish mine at abt 10..not too badgot them to chuckle at some of the funny stuff I’d addedor so I thoughtuntil the final list was announced J 2 out of the 25 to present after dinner!

Still dunno how that made sensebut what the heckwas an experienceand certainly served to bring home the fact that placement season is well and truly here! (puts on fake devil-may-care expression and thinks to self…”grrrthe next post related to placements better be different!) J

  1. Neat,very close call..Damn..nerve wrecking..Wow you haven’t lost your humour..Good luck for next time..

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