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For chrissakes!!! Focus….Group

In ISB on January 7, 2006 at 6:16 am

All submissions done, the term break officially starts today! Actually, the break has been on for a few days nowbut what the heck…it’s a nice sunny day, so needed a reason to exalt J

Submitted the EDS application sometime around 3am and while I’m not counting on this, it was a good excuse to get off my butt and work on the resume and my first eoi (expression of interest)…I thought EOIs were those when you had a dozen red roses delivered to a girl J

Had my first marketing focus group meeting today; K, A, D and I (yeah…that’s helpful)! Due to time pressures...there isnt any leftweve decided to meet every other day and discuss 3-4 chapters of the book (nonot THE book about Moses and the red seabut Kotler) if it goes to plan, and that’s a big Ifwell be done with the theory by the end of the 2nd week of Jan and then move on to industry/company analysis and hopefully the odd interview prep or two.

Lots of planningalready feel like Stallone in Rocky Ithe one with the legendary 4am jog after swallowing six raw eggsyeah!…bet that wouldve helped your appetite J

On an unrelated note…

bajay pyaar ki shabnum mere gulistaan mein…
baraste rehte hain har simt maut ke saye…
siyahiyon se ulajh padti hain meri aankhein…
koi nahi .. koi bhi nahi…
jo batlaye kitni der ujalon ki raah dekhe…
koi nahi hai… koi bhi nahi… na paas na duur

Are those great lyrics or what!

the complete song at :

  1. hey u…hume bataya bhi nahi…apply kiya..very good..focus group..even better..u’ll rock know.Btw replying to emails is a good idea..nahi?

  2. hmmm… somehow expected that the dozen red roses would have been the one to catch someone’s eye for a comment 😉

  3. i agree the red roses shud’ve elicited comments…but then what can you do…the isb just doesn’t appreciate the true romantics 😉

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