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Jobs wanted…

In ISB on January 6, 2006 at 6:29 am

The latest buzz on campus is the EDS job posting for senior consultants for their corporate strategy group. With a scrumptious job profile and an even more delectable salary on offer, can expect as many applications as there are people on campus. I figured I’m cut out for the job because of the last two qualities that their posting is seeking:
Ø      You are relentless and rarely satisfied with your last piece of work. sure, i never am..with good reason too 🙂

Ø      You enjoy driving in the fog, without looking for the nearest exitnot unless i took my last rest stop over 100 miles ago

Jokes apart…this atleast serves as my wakeup call to get a presentable resume in place. That and the fact that the cable’s down and there’s nothing else to do!

  1. Dont worry..if not EDS..join mine:-)

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