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Of Cold Coffees and departure lounges

In ISB on December 30, 2005 at 6:54 pm

S left for Delhi today on the morning flight. The last two days pretty much merge into one sequence of watching her pack, trips to the IT dept, admin office etc, her farewell party alongwith H and M. followed by midnight icecream at Ohris with her core term group. That was fun with the former A7 group at their leg-pulling best. Got back to campus around 4am and spent the next couple of hours talking about everything and nothing. The idea, to begin with, was to get S to relax about the upcoming trip, but, as usual, think I only succeeded in getting her more worked up about itno surprises there. Finally, it got to 6.30am and dropped her at the airport with K. Funny how i cant think of any wisea$$ comments for this post... Best of luckWill miss having you around

  1. S thinks this was the most difficult departure ever…so much left behind…

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