From smack-bang in the middle of the bell curve

In Uncategorized on December 27, 2005 at 3:25 pm

Term 7 biddingfirst phase donethe good news…I got all the courses I bid forthe badone of em is a fin course! Dunno what I was smoking when I decided to bid for it but what the heckwill try and stick with it. Couldnt possibly do further damage to my morale J As of now, my courses are Advertising, Branding, IT and Business Strategy and Business Valuation using Financial Statements. Most people are doing 3 courses to accommodate placement prep. Its not like all the big companies are beating paths to my door, but knowing me, am sure I’ll get only as much done with 3 courses than 4. might as well keep the option of taking 3 courses in the final term.

Met N yesterday after nearly a month, has lost weight like crazy, and not surprisingly, a lot of her affection for me J doesnt matter as long as she gets back to full health. Cant think of much else that cudve affected me the way this has done in the last 3 months. Wellthey do say what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger…I do wanna meet the they that said it though.

Have 2 writeups due tomorrow; for STMF and CFPD. What with S leaving in a couple of days, itll be a miracle if we can do a decent job of the submissionthought I’d drop in a line about how I worry about assignments and other academic stuffwhom I kidding!


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