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Poseidon – Day 1

In ISB on December 17, 2005 at 6:51 am

Poseidons happening! Dec 16th and 17th (that’s what the link towards the left of the page is about). 150 partcipants from 25 B-schools from across India to compete in events ranging from B-Plan presentations to Quizzes on which of Virgin Internationals products is the only one to NOT carry the Virgin brand name? yes, it’s the obvious answer Mates condoms.

Having dispensed with that useful piece of information; The day started off with innaugration in Khemka Audiat 9am! Needless to say the visiting students far outnumbered the home team. Participated in Odyssey with Shipra and Shilpa (S & S wouldve sounded too much like M&M). think we answered 5 out of the 30 questions J it was business as usual as Ramkey and team claimed first prize and Praveens team got 2nd.

Sat in on a couple of presentations at Olympiea Tech Innovation Plans, Kryptos Ad interpretation (Kedar and Snake won that easy). Then it was to the evening and Elysium the fashion show. ( ) Having told numerous wannabe participants over the last week that it was other Anoop conducting the fashion show, I was suckered into it myself. Guess I reckoned walking wudnt be too much of a stretch. After about 6-7 hrs of practice over 2 days…I don’t quite think so. in the end it wasnt much of a contest since only one of the other teams ICFAI, turned up. it was an experience however, to strut on stage with flashing arc lights, pulsing music and artifical fog. Decision time and the judges decided to stick with the politically correct decision and awarded us the prize. Yup, we won 25 grand – 24 participantsdo the math J. Last event of the day was Octavia the music competition and this was a blast. 4 teams participated; ICFAI, Infosys, Badruka College of Commerce and ISBs own. All the teams were pretty darn good with Diatribe (ICFAI) performing numbers by RHCP and Cranberries. Infosys (C# – trust them to name their band after a programming language) sang Hindi numbers and well too. The ISB team was phenomenal in the varied kinds of music we hadAnshul on the electric guitar to Raam on the Mrudangam. And then there was After Death from Badruka. Riding up with them in the elevator id noticed the long-haired rebel grunge look on all 5 band members. You wouldnt think theyd have reason to be so angry at life J songs about being 6 feet under. Enough said that they won it followed by C-sharp in 2nd. Time now to feel guilty about not having opened my books for the last 24 hours


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