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Hardness, Maintenance and Reliability…

In ISB on November 29, 2005 at 3:21 pm

Guess what those words in the title of the post mean?! No, not the qualities of a Bridgestone tire but apparently, theyre the crucial elements of a quality erection J

ED (Erectile Dysfunction) was the name on everyones lips today, not because the ISB curriculum took the ultimate toll, but coz Viagra was the case for discussion in the Marketing Metrics Class today. Class started off with indepth analysis of a Viagra commercial; from why the background score was Queens We are the champions to the phallic shaped picket fence to what the limp garden hose in an old womans hand meant J The prof, whos on his first visit here, was very entertaining and has a great sense of humour as was evident by his choice of case. Theres also a bunch of simulation exercises as part of the course called MBTN (Marketing by numbers), Allocator, RATE (Resource Allocation Teaching Exercise) and Pricing Simulation. Different, but very interesting.

BPMT (Business Performance Management) was my other official course and it was a bit of a disappointment as far as first impressions go. Struggled to keep awake through class and saw that most of the class was having the same problem. Maybe it just felt that way after the high of MKME, but things better pick up in subsequent classes. Sampled MGEN (Managing in a Global Environment) and found its about macro-issues with managing firms and the discussion was about comparative advantages and subsidies. Interesting stuff, but think I’ll stick with Strategy in Multi-National Firms, that way I have 2 classes everyday instead of 1 and 3.

Tomorrows free with the subjects to be added and dropped a final time for Term 6. Now to kick back and some loud Nickelback…”Im so highI can hear heaven…”

  1. Now.. thats the best post till date cuz it sounds a lot like you! For a moment was wondering if MKME was the one offering the simulation excercise..;)

  2. Ha!So Im not the only one who went that sounds like wonder you enjoyed it!

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