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Term 6…and sampling

In ISB on November 28, 2005 at 3:41 pm

Day ONE of term 6 and like any elective term, the first 2 days are spent sampling i.e. sitting in on various classes to decide what subjects to sign up for. Kinda like getting a free taste of the weird looking flavours at a Baskin Robbins outlet before finally settling on good ol chocolate-chip. Its an important exercise for the unfortunate have-nots who could not get their desired subjects in the first phase of bidding and thus have to decide between the butter pecan and bubblegum flavours J actually I’m not being fair to the subjects in question, theyre never that bad, just not what some folk think they ought to be doing. I dare not be one to judge though, only makes sense that a few high-strung individuals are needed on campus to cancel out the effect of laid-back folk like me J

Sampled Strategy in MultiNational Firms (STMF) since I couldnt get Pricing, and it wasnt bad at all. Had a lively discussion about the benefits/drawbacks of an Indian BPO firm getting into a JV with an established US firm. The fact that theres a writeup due before every class will ensure that all pre-reading is done, but cant argue with the No Final Exam policy. The other course; Customer Focused Product Development (CFPD) was kinda slow with the prof taking us through the course details for most of the class. Think things will get interesting in the weeks to come though. No exams on that one too, things are lookin up already J

Tomorrow I get a look at Marketing Metrics (MKME) and Business Performance Management (BPMT) and might also sample Managing in a Global Environment (MGEN) to then decide between that and STMF. For now its time for a substantial dinner and then to complete all pre-readings till week 2yeah right!


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