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In ISB on November 21, 2005 at 4:26 pm

Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior end terms were done today. Went alright, unlike the routs I have grown accustomed to over the last 2 terms. The research paper was out of 200 points and covered pretty much the entire course from sampling, multiple regression, factor analysis, discriminant analysis and conjoint. The note saying more than 2 bullet points for this answer will be penalized! in the MKTR question paper was hilarious. All in all, was a good course with decent coverage of content given the ever-present time constraints.

The prof had promised fun in the COBE exam and he was true to his word. The note on the first page went something like this paper shouldnt be a problem for those who listened in class and for those who surfed their way through the courseyes you! You, you and that gal over there, well, tough! J his questions were along similar lines what with caselets on skin-darkening creams called Wheatie and TanMan. The last section even had a bonus section where you could write him a poem or draw something or basically do anything to convince him to give you the 2.5 points. The paper was also very well-constructed asking questions that had us flipping through the textbook at warp speed. Unusually though, since this was one of those courses I really enjoyed, it wasnt my first time with the textbook and I think most answers turned out ok. Of course, I could get a C and that would be that. Now for some dinner and to Marketing Implementation


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