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Weekend before the End Terms

In ISB on November 19, 2005 at 2:40 pm

It’s the weekend before the end terms. While the customary hush prevails around campus, the difference this time is people have their exams on different days with Marketing towards the beginning of the week and finance in the latter half. There are even some lucky souls gallivanting around campus with just the 1 exam. I have 3 tests with M Research and Consumer Behaviour on the first day followed by M Implementation on Tuesday. Have 3 submissions due in the term-break, so, cant wait for that!

What with judgement day (read placements) creeping closer now, people seem intent on their prep for interviews. Ive had this very efficient system of dealing with the myriad things that crop up; push everything to the term break. Of course, the term break is then exclusively spent getting drunk and sleeping late till the guilt of not having accomplished anything hits on the Sunday before the term starts but then who works on a Sunday?! J this time better be different though, have to atleast get started on the paper on Brand Equity that were supposed to do for Prof. Raju. It’s a good thing hes at Wharton or Id already have flunked out of this place.

Now its back to the enervating exercise of pretending to study till its time for dinner or till I can think of something urgently pointless to do. Come to think of it, its been a while since I reorganized my music😉

  1. Beautiful pic buddy.

  2. learnt new word…:p…and thanx for today..!

  3. Yea…we will get that project started this time…lets hope we get some good work done on it…and soon..

  4. oye! write more often..have nothin much to do till thursday anyway…;)all the best for tomorrow and day after…

  5. oye…why’s teh picture there?

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