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Its Killing..oops Bidding Time!

In ISB on November 16, 2005 at 4:55 pm

Bidding season againbut this time there isnt as much fanfare. Guess ppl got sick of trying to outthink and outbid their mates. Bid for 5 subjects with the intention of dropping one of em making up some excuse. Got 3 of them, waitlisted for Pricing and Strategic HRM (go figure!) As of now, will be doing CFPD (Customer Focused Product Development), BPMT (Business Performance Management) and MKME (Marketing Metrics). The arduous task of forming groups all over again, cant even be sure whore all in my group this term! Hope to get Pricing by the time the dust settles though.

COBE final presentation due tomorrow and have spent the better part of the day peering into our research results to figure out why TOI (The Times) does not sell as much as the Deccan Chronicle does. 6 hours later, I still don’t know! So what else is new?!

  1. Hey DC sells more than TOI because of the classifieds section. TOI is more of “NEWS” paper where as DC is more of “CLASSIFIEDS”. People buy it as it covers more of the local classifieds. Thats the main reason for DC selling more than TOI

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