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Cricket at last!

In ISB on November 6, 2005 at 6:20 am

We played our first game in the Xius corporate cricket tournament yesterday. After our first attempt a couple of terms ago(0-3), we wanted this time to be different. Our game for 6pm was delayed by a couple of hours because of a soggy field. After twiddling our thumbs for that time and declarations from each about how wed have finished a couple of assignments in the time lost, we were asked to bat after losing the toss by the Applabs team.

Kamalesh and RK started off well enough with 9 and 12 runs off the first 2 overs. Just when they looked settled, RK was stumped off their opening bowler as he slipped while trying to get back in the crease after playing and missing at one. Ruchir then joined Kamalesh and the 2 of them set about collecting runs and the odd boundary. A driven six over cover by Kamalesh was a treat to watch. Ruchir injured his shoulder going hard at a widish delivery and retired. I went in and in the very next over Kamalesh charged the bowler and was caught behind. Wed lost 3 batsmen in 2 overs and hence had to go through a quiet period where the run rate hovered around the 6 mark with the odd boundary. Just when I and Venky were starting to get going, Venky was dismissed dabbing at a wide one. I decided to keep one end up and went about taking singles and chancing my arm every now and again to score 46. We lost a few more wickets at the other end and some lusty hitting by Nikhil in the final over got us to a respectable 159 off 20 overs.

Defendable as the score was, our rustiness showed with the ball as all the bowlers struggled to keep a consistent length and were dispatched to the short square boundaries by their opening pair. Applabs rattled off to 100 off 10 overs before the spinners slowed them to an extent. Nagraj bowled some excellent leg-spin to take 4 wickets and bring us back into the contest. In the end, they got home in the last over with 5 wickets to spare.

Amazing how you feel the exhaustion only after a loss, but all in all, a good change from the usual grind of assignments.

  1. Cricket seems to have happened after a long time na!Sounds like you had a good game.Sorry about you not winning.I enjoy your style of writing.I think I have learnt a new English word with each of your blogs!

  2. hmm..i think u write quite well…but u’re much more fun in real life….:)by the way…u still owe me that pastry!

  3. u shud write more often…

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