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Week 1 and Dandiya!

In ISB on October 23, 2005 at 11:55 am

End of Week 1 of T5 and everyone seems to be buried under bulkpacks earlier than usual. The atrium and café have a deserted look as groups huddle together in the LRC and other convenient locations trying to crack their first couple of assignments. Its not earth-shattering to note that most of these above-mentioned people are students of certain ‘F‘ subjects…namley FIRA (Financial Reporting and Analysis), FIIN (Fixed Income), ADCF (Advanced Corf Fin) and OPFR (Options & Futures). After the first lectures of these subjects, there were considerable defections to the relatively safer confines of Rural Marketing, Knowledge Management and the like.

ISB has its own calendar and hence Saturday was earmarked for celebrating Navarathri and Dandiya. Was a neat event with the atrium decorated and a live ‘band’ performing. Folks were dressed in their K3G (that movie abt loving your parents?) best! There were performances by the spouses and students that were appreciated. With exchange season in full flow, wonder what the visitors from China and the US would’ve felt about watching the usually sober ISB population running around in circles while at the time skipping to the beat and apparently attacking each other with 2 wooden sticks. All in all, a good evening of loud (not necessarily melodious 😉 music and revelry.


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