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Term 5 Begins

In ISB on October 20, 2005 at 6:47 pm

Bidding season’s over and classes have started in earnest. Having dismissed all Fin subjects as being too easy and not having got Mkt Implementation, had reconciled myself (with no small amount of relief) to doing 4 courses this term. But, by the time the umpteenth.."Bid-Sample-Drop-Hold-Hide-Pillage" round was done, found my name on the MKTI class list! Not the end of the world though, apparently, the prof received rave reviews for the first lecture. At the end of it all, have Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Managing IT, Strategy Implemenation and of course Marketing Implementation. Another mammoth accomplishment was the formation of groups for the various subjects. After hundreds of emails and frantic phone calls, I believe I’m covered for all 5 subjects with about 20 ‘group-mates’ to show for it all. With 4 lectures every other day and different classrooms to boot, it’ll be a miracle if I’m in the right class at the right time.


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