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Term 2 ends

In ISB on July 26, 2005 at 5:53 pm

It’s a bird!…Its a plane!…Its term 2!
For the way the start and the end of the term converged into one frenetic blur of activity, it might well have been called SuperTerm. Must’ve spent about half the time (read as number of days multiplied by 12) working on group assignments. MarkStrat was the leader by far in terms of time consumed…not to mention the satisfaction of being called upon by Prof. Raju in Khemka auditorium and being asked to explain how we managed the difficult task of maintaining constantly low profits. Pawan countered by saying we were more of an R&D company than a for-profit organization. Khemka auditorium erupts in laughter, yeah, it was funny…right. Atleast we now know what NOT to do in the damn thing!

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