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Vodites…you’re life is incomplete without one

In ISB on July 1, 2005 at 12:56 pm

Term2 has been chugging along at the usual ho-hum breakneck speed. The situation this term is only made better by the fact that 2 of the visiting faculty were only available for 3 weeks instead of the usual 5. but prof Jagmohan Raju and prof Anjani Jain were totally worth the skewed schedule. Listening to their command over their respective subjects and the insights they have to share with us from their experience has been a truly enlightening experience (and this is one place where the cliché fits perfectly). This term has been characterized by umpteen submissions, assignments, cases both individual and group that make term 1 seem like a picnic. Another highlight is the very addictive marketing strategy game; Markstrat that involves marketing teams competing against each other to get the most profits out a market selling products that go by the name of Sonites and Vodites. With each firm having their own budgets and unique products (read inferior in our case), the only thing on peoples minds seems to be to kick the other teams butts! Good fun overall! Midterm for global economics was done todayhence the willingness to blog Jinstead of the demoralizing paper where you come out of the room to find that you have got probably 5 points out of 100, this one was subjective and involved actually writing out half page answers. The upside is you don’t quite know how bad youve screwed up. Thats about it for the updatehave another markstrat decision due by tomorrow morning but now for some def leppard and a cold beer J

  1. you’re ??? grrrr.. All these courses you take at ISB. Grammar should be included. :-)-lots of time to waste over here. plus, nothing irritates me more than “you’re” versus “your”.

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