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Term 2 begins…

In ISB on June 19, 2005 at 11:35 am

I look outside my window and I see a bright blue sky dotted profusely with little clouds. I imagine the scene looks a lot like it would have to an inhabitant of Troy when seeing the thousand ships of the united Greek forces approaching. Of course, the Trojan would have felt a great deal more of consternation than I currently am, since the flecks of white in the azure sky have a rather calming effect.

Term 2 started last week and while my excuse for being tied up with the course might be plausible, they would be false. Week 1 only had 1 lecture a day and the overall feeling was of being a lot less hurried than in term 1. The week ended with the GSB party for the batch with lotsa loud music and free booze. That however has ended, and this week has a packed schedule that will be more in keeping with the theme that is The ISB.


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