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Term 2 begins…

In ISB on June 19, 2005 at 11:35 am

I look outside my window and I see a bright blue sky dotted profusely with little clouds. I imagine the scene looks a lot like it would have to an inhabitant of Troy when seeing the thousand ships of the united Greek forces approaching. Of course, the Trojan would have felt a great deal more of consternation than I currently am, since the flecks of white in the azure sky have a rather calming effect.

Term 2 started last week and while my excuse for being tied up with the course might be plausible, they would be false. Week 1 only had 1 lecture a day and the overall feeling was of being a lot less hurried than in term 1. The week ended with the GSB party for the batch with lotsa loud music and free booze. That however has ended, and this week has a packed schedule that will be more in keeping with the theme that is The ISB.


The Term that was…

In ISB on June 9, 2005 at 6:22 am

Term 1 ended yesterday…just like my previous post exulted…was quite an initiation into life at ISB. It all started innocently enough with some ‘welcome to isb’ and ‘get-to-know’ sessions. There was pre-term and orientation week…which was nothing but learning whats where on campus and some of the previous batch. Not having the seniors around to counsel you on life here and ‘post’-here is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of the 1-year course.

Everything here has been a ‘never been there – never done that’ experience…with the lectures and the assignment and the case-studies. The objective of the 1st term was to lay the foundation of whats to come next. The material covered was great, with lively discussions in class. There was no doubt about the pedigree of the professors either, the only lingering doubt in my mind being whether they might not just treat the 4-week course as a vacation away from their travails in pennsylvania, columbia and so on. I needn’t have worried…the content of the course was grade A, and special mention has to go to Prof. Finn for putting a lot of effort into making what was already a fantastic course, even more relevant to us as with references to Indian GAAP. The exams were however a different matter. Dunno if its just sour grapes…but found them to be a bit too mathematical. It seemed like one needed more hold over quadratic equations and derivations than the concepts of supply-demand…5Cs-4Ps etc. On the other hand, regular reading of the course material and thus a much better showing in the end-terms might just have had me saying the opposite about the course.

The idea is to make some (minor)modifications to the ‘study protocol’ :
1. Firstly….study! 🙂
2. Atleast TRY and keep up with whats being taught in class…something I’ve been told since I was in elementary

Can’t help use a clichĂ© to say…Its been quite a ride so far…and from what has been said about Term 2, we’d do well to tighten the seatbelt a notch!

T1 begone

In ISB on June 7, 2005 at 1:22 pm

June 08 – 2005: prospective employer…”Introduce yourself”…”Hi…this is anoop…am an mba…actually am 1/8th of an mba!”

Don’t blame me for the lame joke…blame 4 instruments of torture disguised as term 1 subjects!

End-terms were done today…biiiiiig sigh of relief. Didn’t do too flash though…accounts, eco and marketing…all bad! Stats was better, only comparatively though.

Anywayz…now its time to only unwind and stay up all night (this time voluntarily) consuming alcohol like its going out of fashion…marginal benefit be damned!


In ISB on June 5, 2005 at 1:23 pm

Your head’s pounding…your breath’s coming in shallow gasps…the text on the page seems to be swimming in and out of focus…and you can’t tell if its night or day…No its not quite your day of reckoning…just the day before term 1 exams at ISB..cough cough…

Exams already?!

In ISB on June 1, 2005 at 3:28 pm

Seems like only yesterday when we were attending the 4th week of our term and the exams are already here…Damn it!!! It was yesterday!!!

Things have been goin’ by in a blur and its time for Term I end term exams. 4 exams – 2 days…now I know what Nicolas Cage felt like in ‘Gone in sixty seconds’

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