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Are you ready for some…cricket?!

In ISB on May 28, 2005 at 7:39 am

Over the last couple of weeks, rivalries have been emerging between sections A v/s B and C & D…simply coz of the fact that these 2 pairs had their classes at the same time. This weekend was for that game with mass appeal…cricket. Needless to say, there were many takers and so the usual format was modified to have 2 innings to accomodate 16 players per team.

Kedar and Venkat were the captains of the individual ‘innings’ who had the unenviable task of deciding on lineups without having much clue about the abilities of the players. After a short ‘practice’ session, the prospectives were divided into bowlers and batsmen, I was slotted into the first half. C batted first and scored well to reach 67 in 8 overs. My bowling was nothing to write home about but I ended with decent figures of 10 in 2 overs. Sachin batted well to anchor C’s innings. Out turn to bat and the idea was to get as close to or exceed C’s score. I opened the innings we started well enough but then lost a couple of wickets quickly. Amit and Rakesh from C bowled tight spells with Rakesh showing some pace. I hung around at one end to score a few, faced just the one delivery from Rakesh…short and rising delivery that I left alone. The bowler followed it up with some lip…pace and hostility…I love this! 🙂

After some late hitting, we got to within 3 runs of C’s score but our 2nd innings went awry when a couple of bowlers were taken for a few too many and we ended up chasing 88 runs. That was always going to be a tough ask and inspite of some late heroics by Abhinav and Kedar, we ended up 14 short.

All-in-all, a refreshing change from the assignments and cases…undoubtedly 2 great hours! Especially after reading all those emails about the cricket season in Milwaukee kicking off, I needed that!!!. The description above is a l’il too much into detail but then what can i say…its cricket! 🙂

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