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Rohm & Haas…Rohm & Haas…Roman A$$…

In ISB on May 23, 2005 at 8:07 am

The mission this time is to sell bags of stuff so poisonous that a few drops of the stuff could kill anything living…or atleast give a person a bad case of dermatitis! Other minor issues include…people do not have a clue who/what R&H is…do not care what brand of poison they use and most have never even felt the need to use it.

Hard at work… Posted by Hello

A piece of cake for D13…we craft a plan that’ll ensure R&H’s domination in the american genocide..oops…biocide market. Of course…prof. Asim Ansari might have a different opinion..:)

Yes!!! Posted by Hello

  1. Hey! Where’s your 6th study group-mate???

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