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In ISB on April 29, 2005 at 8:05 pm

Its been an interesting couple of weeks since arriving here. The task of frantically meeting everyone in the batch and retaining about 20% of the names can be tiring.

Roomies…or rather…quaddies, have only 2 rt now…shammak and vishal. didnt take long to figure out that we shared similar thought frequencies…!

Met some other folks…sachin, rohit, clinton…laid back….i like that. with ideas for so many clubs floating around, we decide to form our own ‘Sit-around and do nothing’ club. no prizes for guessing who’s president.

Having heard the importance of the study groups, our group (A15) met up to get a headstart on the ‘bonding’ process…but fate, it seems, had other plans…aww who’m i kidding…suneeta chatta had other plans as i was unceremoniously moved to section D…am impressed! just 2 weeks and these guys already know that i dont quite fit in with the ‘academics’ in A 😉

Met my new group…Supreeth, Pawan, Namit, Niddhi, Hrishikesh…a.k.a D13…no ‘group dynamics’ classes required here..think we’ll get along just fine. what i don’t know is will these guys be able to stand me 🙂


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